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MOVE Venture Capital is a new pre-seed and seed-stage venture capital firm based in Nebraska with a mission to invest early in the next generation of founders in the region. MOVE is an industry-agnostic firm that invests in capital-efficient software and technology companies.

MOVE Venture Capital was founded by Charlie Cuddy, John Grange, and Manny Quevedo. Charlie, John, and Manny come from diverse backgrounds, each bringing unique startup and venture capital experiences to the table.

As the Managing Partner, Charlie is responsible for leading the firm in making strategic decisions and setting the overall direction of the fund. John and Manny provide essential support as General Partners, helping to identify potential investments, analyzing deals, and supporting the portfolio. Together, they form a formidable trio, leveraging their collective expertise to drive the success of MOVE Venture Capital.

The MOVE investment committee is led by Alexi Wellman (CEO of Altaba and active angel investor), Ben Bemis (COO and CPO of American National Bank), and Ben Williamson (Principal at Invest Nebraska, Managing Director of Burlington Capital Ag-Venture, and General Counsel). You can learn more about the MOVE team here.

If you are a founder or have a startup idea you are working on... MOVE would love to meet you! Tell us about what you are building here. MOVE believes in the future of entrepreneurship in the region and is excited to continue towards our goal of meeting every founder in the area!

Are you interested in learning more about MOVE? Sign up to "Get updates on MOVE" and be the first to hear about our investments in exciting new startups in the region, the latest trends in venture capital, and continuous access to entrepreneurial support.

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